From One Love Gallery owner, Billy Park:


These days it's easy to forget we are all on the same team. Vanessa and I decided we needed to remind ourselves, our nation, and the world, whether friend or foe we are all family under the roof of humanity. No better way to understand that unbreakable bond to each other than with just a simple hug. So why not a 24 hr one?

So on Oct 24th at 12 PM EST, the two of us will be hugging in the window of my One Love Gallery for the world to see. Also each of us for safety will have a COVID test just before we hug. We will be locked in that embrace for 24 hrs with a lot of Gatorade and your help. There are two ways you can support us. The best way is to join in a hug where you live no matter where that is in the world.


Find a friend, family member even an adversary. Anybody, you feel safe hugging. Then wrap your arms around each other in solidarity for as long you can. Whether you last minute or hours every hug matters.


By the way, every hour you get a 5-minute bathroom break from hugging. Sign up here and get a free t-shirt for each of you when you do. Also if you're not up for an extended embrace you can donate to our cause to support the One Love gallery and help fund free t-shirts for hug teams around the world.