True Vision

The 2020 Hug Bug Tour

Where are we going ?

EVERYWHERE! In my 2015 VW Beetle, myself, my two traveling companions, my camera, and my open arms, will be seeing the world! 

May 8: University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY (Robin- Free Mom Hugs)

May 9: Chattanooga, TN, The South Side(Susan-Chattanooga Hugs)

May 10: Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI (Linda-Free Hugs)

May 11: Chicago, IL (Carol- 1 Million Hugs Movement)

May 12: St. Louis, MO (Dr. Stone- The Hug Doctor)

May 13: Denver, CO

May 14: Salt Lake City, UT

May 15: Reno, NV

May 16: San Francisco, CA (Jessica, AKA Huggie Bear)

May 17: Ojai, CA (Soren, Soul Brother hugs)

May 18: Los Angeles, CA (Rick and Shana Morrison, The Hug Store childrens book, and The Hug Alliance

May 19: The Grand Canyon, AZ (Nature Hugs!)

May 20: Albuquerque, NM

May 21: Oklahoma City, OKLA (The HOME of Free Mom Hugs with Sara!)

May 22: Oklahoma City, OKLA

May 23: Lexington, KY

May 24: Richmond,, VA

May 25: Washington, DC, Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Donna and Jeff- Embrace the World/Univinity)

If you are reading this, you are most likely aware of the COVID-19 pandemic here in the United States. We are being asked to limit our movement more than I have ever known; and for this reason, and for the safety of myself, and my travel companions, we are canceling the road version of this tour.  HOWEVER, we will be creating a virtual tour experience for you to follow us on, and make it as fun and engaging as possible. To purpose? Remains the same. Although no physical, in person hugs will be given, the integrity of the project remains. 

To collect stories.


To meet people in person.

To see places!

To connect.

My son and I will still be compiling our footage, stories and photos for a documentary. All the beautiful beings that are opening their arms to the world.

Follow our adventures!  Here, and our Facebook Page: True Vision 2020 Hug Bug Tour