True Vision

The 2020 Hug Bug Tour

Where are we going ?

EVERYWHERE! In my 2015 VW Beetle, myself, my two traveling companions, my camera, and my open arms, will be seeing the world! 

May 8: University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY (Robin- Free Mom Hugs)

May 9: Chattanooga, TN, The South Side(Susan-Chattanooga Hugs)

May 10: Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI (Linda-Free Hugs)

May 11: Chicago, IL (Carol- 1 Million Hugs Movement)

May 12: St. Louis, MO (Dr. Stone- The Hug Doctor)

May 13: Denver, CO

May 14: Salt Lake City, UT

May 15: Reno, NV

May 16: San Francisco, CA (Jessica, AKA Huggie Bear)

May 17: Ojai, CA (Soren, Soul Brother hugs)

May 18: Los Angeles, CA (Rick and Shana Morrison, The Hug Store childrens book, and The Hug Alliance

May 19: The Grand Canyon, AZ (Nature Hugs!)

May 20: Albuquerque, NM

May 21: Oklahoma City, OKLA (The HOME of Free Mom Hugs with Sara!)

May 22: Oklahoma City, OKLA

May 23: Lexington, KY

May 24: Richmond,, VA

May 25: Washington, DC, Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Donna and Jeff- Embrace the World/Univinity)

If you are reading this, you are most likely aware of the COVID-19 pandemic here in the United States. We are being asked to limit our movement more than I have ever known; and for this reason, and for the safety of myself, and my travel companions, we are canceling the road version of this tour. 

However, the mission feels different now. After a virus pandemic, and now, a country standing up for justice, the mission seems to go where I am led, where I can be of greatest service. So, I am offering hugs for those that feel safe, and really need them.